7221 Farrington Road, Chapel Hill, NC

• 4 acres
• 6 lot yield
• 10 minutes from RDU Airport
• 5 minutes to Southpointe Mall
• 2 Minutes to I-40 / 5 Minute to UNC / 10 Minutes to Duke

Project Summary:
This area is in VERY high demand. Adjacent completed neighborhood in the $500k price range with consistent quick sales / low inventory. No competition in the price point for new in the area. VERY LIMITED land supply in this area due to Jordan Lake buffers. Best Durham schools.

Development Summary:
Site is on a paved street. Infrastructure limited to sewer line extension. Land is being re-zoned and Annexed into the City of Durham right now.

Investment Options

Option 1- Investor Funded acquisition and development
Monies disbursed in a lump sum or drawn as progress payments. Interest accrues from distribution date. Grayson Dare repays principal and interest as individual lots are absorbed with construction loans on pre-sold homes. Investor secured with blanket Deed of Trust on project.

Option 2 – Lots are platted and sold to Investor(s). Principle and
Interest are accrued on a lot by lot basis. Grayson Dare develops
property. Grayson Dare re-purchases developed lots at agreed upon
price (principal and interest accrued). Lots are secured with Deed of
Trust, Grayson Dare provides a take down agreement for absorption rate.

Investment Horizon and Expected Returns

Option 1- Lump Sum / Draw Down

Option 2- Paper Lot Purchase

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